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Originally Posted by yer_mom100 View Post
Did you even read the question he was asking? You fool! He wasn't talking about TM or whatever other shit he just wanted to know and I quote: "are there any other sites that sell a spring airsoft M14 such as the one on". You guys are a bunch of elitist morons. He wasn't even being rude to you kalnaren and then you had to go and be a GIANT douche about it. He just asked a simple question that required a simple answer. If you didn't want anything to do with it then you shouldn't of said anything. Instead you went about it and acted like a fucking nazi.

Anyways I myself was looking at that M14 because I am not an elitist who wants to go shoot people with plastic metal guns and act like i'm in real war. I don't think there are any other retailers in Canada who sell that specific model. If I find one in my continuing search i'll be sure to hit you up.

lol Kalnaren

Originally Posted by OptimusPrime View Post
I could never stop going to WalMart. Its the only place I can get good airsoft guns.
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