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The majority of clubs usually will have an 18+ no exceptions rule (unless the player in question is a son/daughter of an already established player who will play on the field with them).

SOME, fields will allow your son to play at 16+ however they are few and far between (I'd say in the ballpark of 25-35% will allow 16+ to play).

It's good that you're getting involved and all since that's what I think a lot of parents should do. Whether it be snowboarding, shooting real steel down at the range, paintball, or racing at the track. Honestly I wish I could say the same for my parents (however they did get involved when I wanted to get my pilots license and doing snowboarding/skiing).

In addition to it not being advised to play in the woods (some bystander walking their dog or going for a jog has a high chance of losing an eye as velocities of as low as 100 FPS can seriously damage the eye). It's actually illegal in most cities. The bylaw is usually worded like "The discharging of any projectile weapon" ... prohibited, facing fine of not less than ___ (around $200-500 usually) and not more than ___ (around $2000-2500 is usually the max). In addition to having the projectile weapon in question confiscated.

That is, air/pellet guns (.117 cal), paintball, airsoft, etc. Except for areas specifically zoned for such use (which is why you can play paintball at a paintball field and not take the ire of a bylaw or police officer.

In conclusion, the regulation should be in your local city bylaws. Also I remembered an incident a few years ago where a kid was actually charged with assault with a deadly weapon because he shot at someone with a BB gun (don't know if it was airsoft or like one of those BB guns that shoot copper BB's) another law you should note is that if airsoft is used in the commission of a crime it is treated as the real deal, so if you robbed a store with a cap gun or an airsoft gun and get caught you're facing all firearm related charges including to armed robbery, heck if it was a supersoaker that looked like a gun and you painted black and used it in a robbery it's still treated as if you robbed the store with the real version of said firearm.
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