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KWA MP7 GBB - newbie review

OK so I'm no expert of airsoft equipment but I'll do my best

-very heavy gun even without the mag.
-H&K trades
-body I think is a high impact ABS or some kind of polymer, very tough stuff
-metal internals including the bolt, got a nice kick on propane.
-completely ambidextrous
-has the options of pistol or rifle iron sights
-2 short side rails and a full length top rail for lots of accessories
-solid build, no wobbles anywhere but the stock when extended
-build in vertical grip that can fold away for pistol mode or extended for rifle/smg fire modes

-honestly, the only problem I can think of is the tool needed to adjust the hopup though a large hex or allen key seems to fit. On top of that, the hopup adjustment is right over the barrel.
-I'm not too crazy about the position of the mag release, similar to a Walther P99 on the trigger guard.

Once I get a chance to print out some targets, I can test fire for accuracy at 20-25feet. Hopefully I can do so before I hand it off to Tyson to toy around with.
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