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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Milsim paintball is few and far between. The "spray and pray" tactic is the predominant one I've seen.
Kalnaren, the thing is that most of the guy who think they play Milsim paintball actually plays Woodsball which are recballers who all have 250 ammo hoppers and about 6 pods of 140 balls on them, with a military like type of marker. Most of the time those guys say that they are Milsim players which obviously they are not, much more like your "Filmsim" guys.

Our type that we play (well at least in Quebec) works first of all with touch and not paint breakage, so if a ball hit you even if it bouce off, your hit. When you are hit you don't call yourself out like you guys does (and what the rest of people playing paintball do). You just stay there, lie down and wait for the action to pass and after the action has moved to another sector you simply go out of the field (or go in the safe zone) and wait for the next scenario, most of the time there is no respawn (but scenario usually do not take more than 40 minutes). This method of playing is much more like the real deal, because when someone that you hit call himself "hit" you now know that he is out of the game. When you hit someone and you don't know if he is out or not, you cannot advance as fast, you must be cautious and use tactics alot more, also you have to have trigger control for not overkilling the dead guys lying on the ground.

Since we only play touch, Airsoft side-arms are tolerated but only airsoft side-arms not primarys. We also use claymore with BBs since we play touch.

We use medics and if you are hit on the arms or legs, well you are not out but only injured. If hit on the leg, you cannot move but still shoots, and the reverse if you are hit on an arm. Once a medic fix you, you a ready to fight again. But head shot and torso hit means that you are dead automaticaly.

Most of the players use tac-cap which means they have a max of 50 balls on their loader at all time. Tac-cap can be modify to fit from 30 to 50 balls. Also most Milsim players plays with 50 balls pods, not 140 ones. Even some play with pods that contain only 30 balls.

We play also with firecracker attached on a ball, to serve as grenade (because paintball grenade sucks), if it lands within roughly 6 feet of you, your are out and if it lands in a closed room, you are out automatically.

We use cold steel knife too, so when you kill someone with a knife, he must remain quiet and not make any sound. The ultimate stealth kill that we can pull off from times to times.

Lastly there is no mendatory "freeze zone" so you can be shot pointblank range, so it is really not for everybody.

So that's about it, so as you can see it is really Milsim stuff, not woodsball.

Back to topic now, thanks for the info Stalker!

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