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Originally Posted by Jagdalex View Post
Wow right there buddy you really show that you knew jack about paintball, or you are talking about rentals who never played a game before in their life and are just spraying and praying. You can actually use very few balls and make alot of elimination it's not about spraying and praying, at least not in regard to milsim paintball and I am not talking about milsim woodsball which is more like recball but with BDUs.

Our milsim seems to be very much like yours, so it's not about finding if airsoft or paintball is better, they seem to look alike very much, and it's all for the best, which means that I am tempted more and more about making the jump into Airsoft and starting slowly but surely.

One of the key thing also that attracted me to Airsoft is that I keep hearing that there is a much more mature crowd and less kids (no offense here, but it's true sometimes), so far so good you guys have been really helpfull and answered my "noob" questions really fast.

I was mentionning that the only Airsoft skirmish that I had witness was exactly that and that I don't like full auto's all over the place with people having 1000 rounds plus on them, so if you are telling me that this is not liked in the Airsoft community, well I am relieved to hear that the skirmish that I saw was not the norm.

And again guys thanks for your input, I am learning more and more!
Actually, I'm a Mil Sim'er my self, and to have a couple guys on your team with over 30bps on your team, then well.. that's a great tactical advantage.

Also, I have seen many players spray with there A-1's and their Milsig guns, they SPRAY AND PRAY, trust me, even watch all the Youtube vids.
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