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Originally Posted by SHÖCK View Post
I don't know about that, there are several PMC teams. They are just private contractors like blackwater ops or private security forces. Gear such as vests, rigs, etc. of course, with more civilian clothing perfectly fine. They are properly equipped but wear normal clothing and this is perfectly in tune with the real world.
He means the fact that Rawdon field is a narrow forest away from a gay nudist camp, and it's normal (yet highly avoided for obvious reasons) to come into contact with nude sunbathers..................... not always just walking around if you catch my drift. Lol

But whatever one wants to wear is up to them, next weekend we are attending a themed game, my team is dressing up as rednecks. But for the sake of team placement, jeans and T-shirt will not only make you get shot easy, it'll be impossible to even place you on a team if it's set up as green BDUs vs. desert BDUs.
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