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starting cqb

hey so i played outdoor this summer and now that its getting colder were moving to indoor soon. my aeg is shooting 400fps so i got a shotgun for indoor and i was also looking for a good pistol. right now i have the c11(i know ppl dont like it) id prefer a different handgun to use as mabey my primary for cqb or in general a backup. im totally new to pistols and i was just wondering what you pistol experts would suggest. i like the usp compact, but glocks r always good as well. also i dont want to be spending mad cash on a crazy good pistol, just a standard good pistol. Also, my shotgun is the crosman s34p(i know and i dont want to hear about it lol) thats y i need the pistol. so my shotgun is like messed. it started to shoot 3 bbs, and they shot surpirsingly good, but all of a sudden after i put around 2 shells in it its now shooting 6bbs and i cant return it so it actually might be better for indoor, but ive never played and dont know what to expect. So any advice on should i go pistol primary or not and what pistol to get would be greatly apppreciated.

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