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I'm not sure a $30 USD stock + (likely $10-$20 shipping) is really worth it for a $75 clearsoft gun. This one looks similar, the stock may fit. Was it already painted when you bought it?

Originally Posted by NoName View Post
OK I know nothing about these things. Never heard of Clearsodt till today. I picked it up in a pawn shop for $75cdn and am now assuming I got ripped because its a wal-mart gun???
And that's why it was moved to the newbie tank. I guess $75 is around what it would have originally cost from Wal-Mart, you never get value from clearsoft from Wal-Mart or Canadian Tire anyway (unless it's the Crosman Marui-clone shotgun).

You probably have the clear version of some kind of DPMS SR16 knockoff (imagine something being worse than a DPMS SR16!). Take a picture of the stock tube with a ruler on it so people can tell if it's the proper size for a standard airsoft M4 or M16 stock.

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