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Depending on the game there may be ammo restrictions, but Hi-caps are generally not the norm. Most players use mid-caps (90-130 bb's), but it all depends on the host. There are a some "true" milsim games out there where real-caps are required.

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Well TBH even in paintball, if you hide behind a bush and I am shooting sustained full auto at 30 balls per sec I can tell you that one ball will hit you. That is another thing that I am wondering, what is the usual common practice in Airsoft regarding fire power?

I am accustom in Milsim paintball of having a loader of 40 balls on my MP7 (to replicate the real capacity of an extended MP7 mag) and 120 balls (Loader included) on me at all times. We have a restriction on ammo (it is limited to 150 except for one support in each time that can have up to 500)

Because I have been watching only one Airsoft skirmish so far and people were all shooting full auto with high was ugly from a Milsim point of view. I hope that this is not common practice, because if it is... well it is far for from being Milsim. Even low caps have twice the ammount of ammo that you can have in a real mag. Is it because you don't really feel anything and you have to nail the opponent with at least 10-15 BB before they declare a hit, that people were going full auto like that?

Thanks again for your help and input guys!
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