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Originally Posted by Thenooblord View Post
You can get decent madbull hopup rubbers and barrels for about 50 dollars altogether, they are a cheap and effective upgrade
go to
Over the 10 or so MadBull (BLUE RUBBER) hop up rubbers I stocked when I was doing the gun tech thing, I never found one that worked well, all had sealing issues with the nozzle or the barrel itself. I actually went as far as discouraging people from buying them from me, they were that bad.

Guarder Clear rubber is what I use myself, even inmy sniper rifle, but there are many other good rubber sets out there, KN and such. Really a matter of read, buy, try out, etc. My ZCA M24 has bore the brunt of my hop up testing, mostly KN Rh65 and Guarder clears which have given me what I want.
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