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Originally Posted by Lakonian View Post
Also, Dboys AKs, the "S" versions anyway, are great. I haven't dropped mine yet, but I've heard stories of crazy high falls, and no damage.. That says alot. TM couldn't manage that..... ever.
Not talking about stock externals on a TM, I'm talking about the soul fact that aftermarket upgrade parts are MADE for a TM box. I'm not sure if you've ever been inside a Dboys box... but there's quite a few things in there that give me quite a headache (the damn ARL hole being so bloody big is one of them, it causes the ARL to shift back and forward instead of just pivoting like it should)

I'm not saying that clones don't have their place, I'm saying that from a PURE performance outcome, 2 AK's upgraded the exact same (Say a TM and a Cyma) the TM will preform better due to all the parts fitting perfectly.

But anyway -- Lets just drop this whole thing. Clones have their place, and OEM builds have theirs too.
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