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Originally Posted by Jagdalex View Post
OK I got it now, I was not aware that it was an inner barrel replacement. I was thinking that you need to get a new barrel period. So I keep the outer barrel and swap the stock inner barrel for the TB one?

And someone talked about the spring what is the main difference between Mad Bull M100, M110 etc.... Seeing that they cost 15$ and the inner barrel 35$, mind as well getting everything, those are cheap upgrades, so it they make a difference I would be crazy not to buy them.
Go with modify springs, and get the M100 or if you wanna risk going over 400 get the m110 (though you can't play with over 400 at most games so i suggest the m100)

The M100 is referring to the strength of the spring. where as the number increases with it's stiffness M90 are used in properly upgraded sub 350 fps (cqb guns), M100-110 are in upgraded field guns (need upto a 130 to get 390 fps out of a completely stock gun but tightbores and good hopups help with fps ALLOT) everything higher than that is for sniper platforms but generally few fields allow AEGs to fire that high even if they are for sniping

People will disagree with this, but I'm a firm believer in "upgrade everything before touching the spring" whereas so many think all that is important is a stiff spring giving out high fps, but i'm right, they're wrong.
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