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Originally Posted by Mitchell12 View Post
That's completely based off how much of it you keep, For me it'd be almost nothing so it wouldn't matter.

It's completely based off of the fact that all high end aftermarket part manufacturers (Modify, Prometheus, Systema) use precision Tokyo Marui specs to design their parts with.

The difference could be the micrometer more of proper gear-tooth engagement or piston engagement to the fact that the bushings will fit in the gearbox perfectly without any wobble to the fact that the Anti-reversal latch wont shift backwards and forwards...

There's also the fact that all aftermarket companies that make GOOD bodies (not talking about element crap here) make them to be drop-in with Marui gearboxes.

So even if you don't keep anything marui... Marui is still one of the best places to start if you're not on a restricted budget.
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