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So I'm back now from the Toronto meet. Had tons of fun.

I didn't actually use any of my guns. Probably a good thing since I only have a mini AEG, and the other unmentionable guns.

The host rented me the use of a model of MP5, I think I heard someone say it was the JG but I didn't get it confirmed. It's definitely the kind of gun I would like, but I think I might start with a GBB pistol. I found the mp5 a little large with the mask that I have, so aiming down the sites is awkward. I'll probably ask a member or two next time I go down if I could try their pistols/guns before I go into a purchase.

I Got AV'd there so when that takes effect I'll be browsing through the classifieds a bit for ballpark prices. And hopefully visiting an army surplus store soon for some better BDU gear.
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