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Noob question regarding effective range and a certain type of AEG

Hi guys,

I am new to this forum and Airsoft in general. I am an experienced Milsim paintball player and would be interested in starting Airsoft but I have a few questions for you guys first, hopefully you will be able to help me.

I took a look at the FAQ, I got some answers but I have some specific questions and it relates to the effective range regarding a certain model

So I would like to know if am buying this model:

Stock with no upgrade what kind of effective range can I expect to have? I heard ICS are good AEGs, but I know also that alot of people do upgrade their AEG and I read that a good tight bore barrel is the first way to go towards accuracy (samething in paintball..usually stock barrel are really so so in terms of accuracy)

For example, if I am taking let say my current primary paintball marker, with only a good barrel upgrade for a total value of $500, I can put constantly balls on top of the dot of my red dot at 70-75 feet, on a flat trajectory at 280-285 FPS, I have a spread of max 6 inches, so we are talking about headshots here not torso hit (which would be more around a 12 inch grouping)

So my big question is: Can I achieve about the same kind of performance with the stock ICS M4A1 mentionned above and let say an aftermarket barrel? Is 75 feet flat trajectory in a grouping of about 8-10 inches wide (let say indoor) is way too much asked for a stock ICS M4A1.

And if it is too much asked, how much more should I expect to put on the ICS to have the same performance?

Many thanks for your help guys!
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