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Well, for what its worth, your attitude and what I can tell from reading your posts about your level of respect towards others and the sport itself is encouraging.

Unfortunately, you're right, Op-For will probably not allow you to play, however, if (and please don't quote me on this, I'm not entirely familiar with Op-For's rules myself) an exception is made, which isn't unheard of for some clubs, you'll have to bring a parent and/or guardian and have them play with you. It's not impossible, but unlikely.

But I can say that from what I can tell, you're on your way to being able to play when you're 16, as long as you keep up the respect. Lots of kids here try to play that "I'm mature" game.

Oh yeah and being that you're in Vancouver, I'd say a good set of rain gear would be in order. Or spares of things.

Oh, aside from first aid, any emergency medication you would need. You never know what might happen, I remember once I was in a paintball (yeah boo's in the background I know) field and this guy was running a little too fast without having warmed up properly. Nobody knew he was an asthmatic (and his parents left him at the field), and we were all confused when he started making a choking sign. Anyway, luckily someone had an emergency inhaler with them and helped him out until the paramedics showed up.
Point is, be prepared for any situation, just in case. God forbid that it won't happen, but accidents occur.
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