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Like I always say, if you require a scope, get something with low power, like a 3-9x40mm.

3-9 being an ajustable zoom scope starting at 3x and going to 9x.
40mm is the from objective in mm.

40mm is the minimum for field use. 30mm is a bit small and won't gather enough light to see in low light or inside.

50mm is great, but it can get pricy.

Don't go with cheap scope or knockoff is you intend to see something out of your scope. If you want to be a sniper and you will use your scope a lot, a descent quality scope IS required.

Tasco scopes are generally SUPER CRAPPY. They don't gather light correcly, have poor field of view angle and a lot of cromatic aberation in the upper focal lenght (stronger zoom).

I like Bushnell hunting scope. They have a variety to choose from and even their cheapest still have good property. I personnally use the Banner and the Trophy series on my rifles. For about 100-140$ they beat any other scope you might find.

If you want something purely for autentic look, than a replica will work, but it won't be as practical in the field.

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