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Originally Posted by stealthy1 View Post
But first, what I do know:
-AEG's don't have the range for super-high magnification scopes
-ACOG (4x) scopes are more than enough
-Red Dots are better
-I'll be getting a Eo553 replica for 'infantry' role use. The scope will probably be for a DMR-like role. I am planning on installing the scope probably on a longer barrel, I believe 14"? Not the M4 carbine length.
AEGs and bolt actions have similar ranges as far as scopes are concerned, don't think the extra 50-100 fps makes that big a difference (50 feet or so is nothing when dealing with higher levels of magnification).

While high magnification may not be useful for aiming (unless you really know what you're doing), magnification can be very useful for identifying shapes in the distance.

ACOGs can be just as annoying to aim with as other scopes and also have a very short eye relief (meaning you need to get your face right up to it to see properly). If you go the ACOG route I'd suggest one of the models with the Docter Sight mounted on top (small, unmagnified red dot).

Red dots aren't "better" but they're definitely a lot simpler to setup and use for the vast majority of people. For airsoft engagement ranges they're also usually amply sufficient.

14" is M4 Carbine length. Dunno which gun you're using for a DMR. It it's an AR series rifle you can easily use the 553 or a red dot in conjunction with a 3-4x magnifier (on a flippable mount).
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