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Primer for Scope

Hey guys, sorry to make another thread in the newb tank. I have a few questions regarding scope for airsoft rifles.
But first, what I do know:
-AEG's don't have the range for super-high magnification scopes
-ACOG (4x) scopes are more than enough
-Red Dots are better
-I'll be getting a Eo553 replica for 'infantry' role use. The scope will probably be for a DMR-like role. I am planning on installing the scope probably on a longer barrel, I believe 14"? Not the M4 carbine length.

My few questions are:
I want to be able to use a variable magnification scope for spotting, while also being able to be within the 4x range to shoot with. That being said, I spotted (no pun intended) a 3x-9x Tasco scope on EB:
Would this fulfill my requirements? It's within 4x range, with higher small magnifications for spotting.

Oh and one more thing: I can't for the life of my figure out what the 40mm refers to. Is that the length of the far lens...? Just a bit curious since I noticed a 50mm version of the same scope.

Thanks guys. Other products are well appreciated too, but hopefully they're not too expensive either.
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