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First off thanks for all your guys' help.. I realised that I hadn't conveyed that yet personally so I wanted to. I really appreciate the effort this community puts into its new members and helping them find their way.

Next on the list: I've realised all the guns I have are utter shit (I didn't think it was excessive as per the rules but it also seems to convey the correct attitude towards them on these boards :P) and should probably begin looking for a more serious one. So, my next step is to sit tight and wait for the Durham guy to get back to me. Once he does and I get access to the classifieds I'll go ahead and search around for something on there that looks worthwhile. I am also going to ask if any of you mind being contacted about advice on a possible purchase (and, if i find a good one, hopefully not snatching it from under my nose ).

I also wanted to give a little more info about myself that I'm fine with being on the internet. I'm 22 (to be verified i guess), male, and I live in Oshawa going to school at UOIT. I used to buy guns in South Africa (BB also) but, believe it or not they were very bad quality compared to the clearsoft (crap apparently :P) that I got at Canadian Tire; which is why I thought I had a real good deal there. I learned that, metaphorically speaking, there's always a bigger fish, and there's always a better gun

I read the FAQ boards about gun purchases and the current law issues that we're having. But I feel that without discussing the prospect about a gun to purchase in real-time with another member (i'll hit up the AV guy i meet), I probably won't get very far with a decent purchase.
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