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Pretty much because we want to try and protect airsoft from minors acquiring guns and bringing them to school or generaslly being irresponsible and getting shot or killed then some soccer mom lobby group tries to ban it. Were basically trying to nip the problem at the root.

Also the fact that minors haven't really developed their part of the brain that helps them make good choices. Note, some minors are actually really responsible however they are few and far between, heck I wouldn't have trusted my 16 year old self with airsoft.

SO If you're 18+ you'll meet with an Age Verifier, usually at the field or you can meet with them after work or on the weekend something (I met my AV rep at Tim Hortons, wouldn't even take the coffee/food I offered). Whatever it doesn't really matter where you meet them, heck you could both decide to go to a strip club and do the verification there. The AV reps have been entrusted with ensuring you are who you say you are and 18+. They take down some basic info (name, and age) and submit that info to the Admins on this site. After that when the admins decide to flip the switch to give you your AV tag then you'll have access to the classifieds. This whole process can take up to 3 weeks or more however usually the admins are pretty good about it and they do batches every week or two.
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