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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Welcome new user

airguns and airsoft are not the same thing, airuns shoot 4.5mm BB's and airsoft shoots 6mm MM BB's neither of them shoot bullets.

BB bastard is a good brand, yes and they can be purchased from a number of retailers, this site has a classifieds section where airsoft guns can be purchased but they are expensive, read the faq section for more info.

canadian tire/walmart crap is not airsoft, it is clearsoft aka crapsoft and we do not care to discuss that shit on this forum
Ah I see, the gun I got from them seems like relatively decent quality compared to guns I've had in the past.

I know they aren't the same thing, but I'm an enthusiast of both yet I only own one of the two types.

I'll check out the FAQ section when im done responding to the next post. Thanks for the welcome.
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