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New Airgun enthusiast..

Hey, I recently started looking around stores for some guns, mostly for collections but maybe to play around with (safely) with friends. I got a P312 Stinger from a local Canadian Tire, but their stock seems to be running low.

A few questions about the next steps for me:

The p312 boasts its ability to use heavy ammo, the weight of the bb's that came with it are advertised to be .20g. I know that it can use lighter ammo, (I have some left over from my days in South Africa) but obviously the bbs will not act the same way (be affected by airflow etc more visibly). Are there any problems with getting heavier bullets? Besides the obvious "It won't be propelled near it's advertised trajectory" as per laws of physics. Could it hurt the gun in any way? I've noticed the BB-Bastard logo around here a bit and they seem like a good retailer for bullets. Is there anything else I should know before ordering bullets from them? (I can't seem to find the .20g bullets at the CTire near me).

Second, as most of you probably already know, the P312 is an air soft spring based weapon. I'm looking to try and find, at least one, co2 powered gun. I am not averse to it being any particular style but pistols are much easier for transport and storage. However, the cheapest pistol the Canadian Tire by me has is $100 (And from looking around that doesn't seem too bad of a price). It's also crosman, and is a little smaller than the p312 though I am unsure of the model. They had a crosman rifle (again, unsure of the model) for ~$85, and right now, being a university student, I'm more conscious about price than size. Having a somewhat difficult to store item that's cheaper could be preferable to a more expensive but smaller version. Another preference is a semi-automatic function, which I'm not sure how many rifle-styled guns would have that.

Thanks to anyone who bothered to read all that, thank you more if you reply
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