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Originally Posted by Mike wait View Post
The reason is because i don't want my neighbors to see me walking around with a gun that looks real. Also i read somewhere you have to have clear parts in canada? (not sure it thats true or not). Also cars can see in part of may back yards, so the cars passing by might see me holding the gun and call the police. Or a police car might be driving by and see me holding a gun that they might think is real.

Also for the Kraken is there anything later on i can do want to upgrade it? Like can i put a different spring in ? Or some how make it more accurate?
you shouldnt be using airsoft guns where ANYONE can see you, regardless of whether it is clear or black

guns only need to be clear for legal entry through the border aka importing, once in the country it is perfectly legal to own a full black gun, provided you don't do something fucking retarded like walk around with it for your neighbours to see,

are you 18+?

the reason I ask is because, kids tend to do stupid things like that, if you are over 18 then get yourself age verified so you can buy some nice black guns from this same website, if you aren't then do not attempt to buy or acquire any airsoft until you are, this community does not condone underaged airsoft or backyard airsoft for that matter so don't even bother asking for help on the subject.
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