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Originally Posted by gunscythe View Post
I deleted all of my airsoft pics after a user on ASC complained that he was deleted due to posting facebook pics of airsoft.
Thats probably me. My photos were of people during games, and in the safe zone.

Turned out the person that did it, did it as a prank (reported as "violent/offensive" even with a massive disclaimer on the photos saying THIS IS FAKE.). He is also a pussy shit-disturbing Arab (this is not a shot on the Arab people, one of my best friends is. He just constantly enforces the negative stereotypes that I try to look past all the time) that thinks he is better than everyone else, talks down to people, and has a massive ego. He then also runs away when peacefully confronted. He was also abusive towards my friend that was his girlfriend at the time (so I was told). It was actually her that told me it was him.

1) Make your account private.
2) Make your albums viewable by FRIENDS ONLY. There is a separate option for this you have to change on its own.
3) (optional) put your airsoft friends on a friends list and list the album as "viewable by <list name>" instead.
4) Should you get banned, search for every possible email address in the help section and constantly email them explaining your case. I even sent a fax to them.

I have my account back now. And (obviously) delete the person that reported you.
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Originally Posted by BGrail25 View Post
I'm no expert on the law, but the only victims of rape in this story are the 40 men.

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