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Hey dudes I'm from Lethbridge and so check this thread

More than that, they were in Taber Alberta but left. The situation is that they sell highend paintball and needed a broader customer base.

The employees are Mitch the owner who also owned the Taber location. Jessie the son of the owner and the only one who knows what he might be talking about with paintball, so ya airsoft is different. The other son, a kid who knows nothing but how to use the cash machine, he actually FAILS imo for bringing airsoft to school (dad retails it, underage son takes advantage).

Do you wanna do buisness with them???? Its all going to be up to you to call and feel assured, you can ask for the names I gave you when dealing with them and state where you got this info. If I was in Ont. and considering I would talk extensively before transaction, and would not send any money until pics of Item at store. The over-the-phone credit # thing is sketchy but for this place I would not worry as have done legit buisness for years, airsoft for over a year as well.
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