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Hey guys im william or airsoftQ.IM from quebec and i know airsoft since i was im 15(almost 16)Im A real harcore milsim also a very responsible kid (if you want to call me a kid even if im 6:4 foot tall) and i follo the rules of security like a bible!Im realy someone who cares about or wonderfull sport and i want to preserve it and will will do evreything in my possible to do so!I have 4 aegs (soon 6) ans 2 ggb's (soon 3).And a bunch of gears ( about 1800$ of gears,maybe more)

Im playing airsoft in some minor league but i realy want to play better and deeper games.

My hobbys are Airsoftin at BIG no1!Computer gaming,cars,top gear,womans(lol),And also medieval battles (Im not doing it in those times tho)

so for the pleasure of airsofting with you guys when i will be 18!

(sorry for the mistakes i writed that in a hurry)
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