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Originally Posted by Mike wait View Post
Also for the Kraken is there anything later on i can do want to upgrade it? Like can i put a different spring in ? Or some how make it more accurate?
The kraken is a very upgradeable platform, in fact most of the time its actually recommended that you upgrade it due to the fact the the quality of the internals are questionable at best. The one of the cheaper upgrades by far is a spring change, springs come in different tensions that can both raise and lower your FPS. Accuracy is a different story. There are many ways to achieve higher accuracy. You can use a heavier BB such as a 0.25g BB or a 0.28g BB, you can install a brand new after market quality hop up rubber, which will greatly go to increase your accuracy with the right adjustments and bb weight, finally another thing you can do is install a an aftermarket precision barrel. In the end there is only so much you can do to an airsoft gun to make it accurate at great distance.

I'm not sure what you will be using this airsoft gun for but if you just want to shoot targets in the backyard, I recommend an air gun instead.

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There are SO many things wrong with that statement that I cant even count them all, but I'll let a more vereran player go crazy on your ass.

Any takers?
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