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HEY!!! This is a Lethbridge Alberta store and guess what? I am from Lethbridge Alberta!!! Yaya!

So I will answere some questions:

I have been inside the store! It is a store with high regard in the paintball arena, and new to airsoft.
I bought my Sig 552 comando from them! At $280 though it was steep, most my friends got ripped off, err bought from them. Since that they lowered prices.
Nothing is in stock most of the time! They get orders in and wait till thats gone, then re-order.
Great personal interactions! They have been quite willing to work with me and my group of friends, lower ridiculouse prices and willing to exchange or credit malfuntioned products.They asked us to bring in a tornado to show them what we use, and really listen to the customer base we provide for them.

If you want one of any of thier models I would call to make sure its on the shelf behind them (ya get a photo of it in store) and then order. I thought they would have been shut down a long time ago as well, due to the questionable legality. A mauzer my friend got was actually tested by RCMP in Sask. and so I know they have been looked at by officials, also I talked with a local officer about my guns and he said 'I think I know wich ones your talking about' so I believe local officials are aware. The mauzer was purchased around Feb this year and 5 or 6 orders have come and gone.

This place may not last! I recomend that if anyone on this sight would like one of thier products that they pm me and ask me to do an inquirey into that model and when it would be in stock. They may ask for money before ordering, this is sketchy if your in Ontario and so I suggest that you make sure its in country before transaction. Like I said pm me and I can call, wander over or even take a photo for ya.

They have alot available and the ordering magazines on the counter, I'll run down there this weekend and flip through to find out if the 556 is cyma or what. I'll be honest with you if you pm me so feel free to inquire.
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