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No worries about derailing the thread. It has been derailed since the first page.

I like the conversation; mods can you move it rather than wipe it?

Rename it M4 GBBR discussion maybe?

And To Rock and m102 etc., I agree with your point.

However, I have played airsoft for 2 years (at games, not in forests, no worries)

Im 19, and until 6 months ago I was living in england.

I played there quite a bit.

To date i have owned a JG, a CYMA and two TMs, all AEGs.

I a probably still considered a noob as I dont know too much about AEGs.

I could field strip em and thats it.
I think I am skilled enough and competent enough to buy a GBBR and be able to use it and care for it.

Is it just me or do I sound like a little girl justifying buying a new puppy?

The money factor is that I just moved into a new place with my girlfriend and money is tight. I can afford to sink maybe $400 to $600 now, and regular smaller investments later as needed.

Upgrading is not an issue, its just that a big purchase all at once will not work right now.

Finaly, I actually do want a gun that requires more work.

You put more work in, you get more fun out, and that is very true for a GBBR.

For years, I have thought, AEGs are fun, but damn i love shooting a GBB pistol.

I want that experience all the time.

I know the disadvantages, and I still want to buy one.

Thank you for your advice, though, if I was a noob it would be perfect =P

The last thing I want is for everyone helping me to think this is another case of a noob not listening to people in the know and doing their own stupid idea, as this is not the case.

I just should have explained my situation in more detail.

Whoops. long post.

Cheers guys, and thanks for all the help. <3
God is a /b/tard.

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