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Edit: I'm terribly sorry for derailing this review thread. Please have a moderator wipe any of my posts here at your discretion. My first post in this thread was more to point out that GBBRs are probably not going to be any more/less expensive than what airsoft currently costs.

You're either not making sense or your concept of supply/demand/market value is a bit skewed.

It has nothing to do with how I do business. It has everything to do with a buyers wants, needs and "must have now" impulses. It's never been anything different with airsoft guns.

There's no explanation other than 3 of those guns were sold at a price that was reconciled against the needs/wants of the buyers (good value, perceived, realistic or not). I wanted a KA FAL when they were just out, rare, not widely used and a "neat thing"....and I paid a hefty premium to get it into my grubby little hands within 2 weeks.

A $100 gun sells for $350-400 here...3.5-4x markup. Why...because guys want it enough to pay that much...and because to those buyers sub $400 seems palatable (i.e. doable without having to eat Kraft Dinner for 3 months straight). Is it borderline retarded to buy a low end item at a 400% markup? Absolutely...but it happens all the time because of supply/demand/want/need.

A $1000 PTW SCK sells for $1200...hardly a markup at all. Why...because there is less demand and most guys are reluctant to spend that much (i.e. the total $$$$ committed is less palatable).

If I could have bought them cheaper, I would have of course...but I don't live overseas, nor will I try to smuggle/ship these things in directly myself. Unless you have a direct channel to buy at overseas list....the comparison of what it costs over there vs. what it costs here is not a viable comparison. It absolutely 100% sucks...but if you can't get it at overseas list, what are you to do? (answer is...1) refuse to pay the local price and go without or 2) pay the local demand price)

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