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tys out of the guns you used as an example the closet to its price overseas is the ksc mp7 overseas 340 here 500 .the we m4 is 400 and sells for 930 with 5 mags factor in each mags is about 40-50 each and the mark up of the actual rifle isnt much mabey its around 700$

On the other end of the spectrum the king arms is around 250-350 but demands a price of 800 .thats just tad bit beyond explanation on how 2 items with similar prices over seas can be in diffrent ranges over here.and how something that costs more is actualy less expensive over here

it just seems illogical to me to run your bussiness like that

I exempted the ptw since you stated it was used

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lol why is it that every single fucking underaged kid that comes thru here happens to have some private land to play on when accused of playing in public

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