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Here's some cost examples
- King Arms FAL Carbine cost $800 + 11 mags at ~$30/mag (this was a must have it at any price purchase...paying full asking price...some mags were cheaper) = $1075
- used PTW, rebuilt with 2008 VUK, extra cylinder, batt + 8 mags $1600 + 5 saber mags (free) generously given to me by a buddy...some extra springs for different FPS and new batt ($140) = Total ~$1800
- WE M4 AWSS + 5 mags $930...extra nozzle kit ($60) = ~$1000
- KSC MP7 + 2 mag ~$500 + 2 more mags ($130) = ~$650

So...there's still some mags to get for the WE M4 AWSS...and they'll run about $40-50/mag.

Now...those are all very nice setups. The comparison between the AWSS and the others is most interesting. Basically, when it's all said and're looking at about $1K for a decent setup.

The range will swing between $700-1400...with the higher end being with a set of mags and some extra bits.

Flash back a couple of years...and a full metal black CA M15 with 10 mags and some bits would have run you the same amount.

Look at the present...a full metal black CA M15 with 10 mags and some bits will run you $800.

Not a whole lot of difference between anything...

(except that my wallet is always empty....)
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