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Originally Posted by Bonjour43ma View Post
so let's say it's $530 ish to get one with tinted lower... and then another $80+ to get a metal lower from one of the AV retailers here - why not just custom order one since they go for about $290 US overseas, which should be around $600~650 ish once it's said and done with? Wouldn't that be easier?
dude your formula is wrong,
2(Price of original + Shipping + Tax)X Currency exchange = Usual price.

It would be more or so $800+

Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
So if your getting AV'ed then just wait and realize how big if a regret you will have over your head by getting one of these.

More like how one would be disappointed, you folks over-glorified what's available. There's China crap, overprice stuff, and the usual tinted lower, with rarely what you want.
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