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Originally Posted by squeenix View Post
The parts for a decent AEG would cost me around $100, then the body. Or I could go with a pneunemic, which would cost me sub 50 dollars.
No, a decent AEG is going to cost you $150 for the mechbox alone.

idk, will the Kraken REALLY break as quickly as everybody says? and I don't really have a job....... So I can't really save for a G&G very efficiently.
No, the kraken really isn't that bad. We're just all elitist assholes who, despite being involved in airsoft far longer than you, actually know jack shit about airsoft.


Airsoft is expensive. A "normal" line AEG's costs $500-$600. A "top of the line" one costs over $1,000. The cheapest I'd ever buy is a JG, and they run around $350.

You know what.. I don't care. Go waist your money. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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