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Originally Posted by theguy View Post
Quoted for truth.

People seem to always say, avoid buyairsoft like the plague, but i have never had any issues with them. One time they shipped the wrong gun to my friend, and as an apology they let him keep it, and shipped him the replacement the next day, express.

I dunno, maybe we just got lucky

That being said, I still completely agree with what was said about Ken, Hes a real stand up guy.
Here's my take, slightly off topic yes, but in response to you TheGuy.
I think what happened, and still kind of is, Buyairsoft has a lot of product NO ONE on these forums would even consider purchasing (*sh*tsoft). However, more recently, they have been carrying (from what I've found) more and more QUALITY airsoft product like KJW & G&G. To my knowledge, these are the highest quality products we Canadians have access to which have been deemed by Canada Customs and our laws as "100% LEGAL" & WITHOUT any grey areas about them. Most* people on these (I use an '*' by Most* as I know this is not everyone) forums have access to the for sale threads where guns that have been illegally smuggled into the country have a safe place to be purchased and sold on. For this reason, even going to the website is just a waste of time for them.

So Buyairsoft sells some sh*t, yes, so what, they also carry some quality product. I have never had a problem with them, nor have any of my team mates. To everyone their own, and I'm sure there is not a retailer out there that has never had a customer that had a complaint about them. You can always find something negative that was said about someone or something if you search for it. People are WAY more likely to complain about something than to say something positive. Either way, like I said earlier, to each their own, and I have nothing but good to say about both 007 & Buyairsoft (now shootsoft on the other hand.....let's not get started there
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