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Dude. First KND is Cambodian. I don't think that helps at all because of the darker skin = middle east = terrorist line of thinking (note: I would hope that people in Canada aren't that stupid, but hey you never know).

Second he's not a Canadian citizen. IIRC he's on a student visa or something. Hopefully that doesn't affect anything but it probably does (oh it's a terrorist getting through into Canada using a student visa).

Finally it seems like everyone he knows as an acquaintance is either too nosey or just a socialist bitch (read: anti-gun). Remember that shitfest about having a roll of wire in his backpack (for something totally unrelated to airsoft IIRC)? "What? People actually use wire to make things other than bombs? I didn't know that. I thought electronics used magic to carry current from one part to another"

OP: I think it may also depend on your profession too. If you say you're a CF Infantry soldier and you have pics of you in CADPAT holding a C7 and stuff chances are it's not going to get taken down. Now replace that with someone working as a researcher or cab-driver and he has a pic wearing an "Op-For uniform" with a Shemagh and an AK and lets see how long that lasts.
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