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Originally Posted by knightoice View Post
Thank you very much! Would rewiring it be hard though? I've never opened up an AEG before, and I don't know any gun docs. The CAS G&G MP5SD5 has a 9.6V 1400mA Battery, I apologize a lot for being such a newb, would that work out in the hand guard?
It will fit an 8.4v. It should fit a 9.6v.
A 9.6v would be really tight in a normal MP5 handguard, but in an SD handguard there should be a lot of room.

And no I wouldn't recommend trying to rewire your gun if you haven't even opened it up yet.
You can try to find a gundoc in your area, or mail it to me for a rewire/reshim/upgrade, etc

Airsoft Sales and Repair/Upgrade Services

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