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Again I'm sorry about accusing you of things. It's just this week has kind of been bad for trolls and assholes who "just don't get it" (that they should probably listen to the people who have the experience). Heck I wouldn't call myself experienced either. I just sling pieces of plastic at other people, I let my gundoc do repair work for me. Not to mention the time that you joined and posted was pretty much right after some noob who wouldn't listen and was trolling got banned. So again sorry.

I'm sure there was a Mechbox FAQ in the FAQ section but it's really cluttered and theres a lot of information there. Anyways, this is from what I understand about the mechboxes so information may not be entirely accurate and is pretty generalized so without further ado,

V1: This is the first electric mechbox that came out. As such guns like the FAMAS (one of the first Electric airsoft guns) use it. Supposedly they're prone to breaking (as it's the first generation and iteration of what would become the "AEG revolution") and harder to find replacement parts for.

Note: before "classic" airsoft guns were pretty much the same as paintball guns (except sling 6mm BB's) in that they were powered with an external tank and line. Electric guns came out and made it more realistic, no external line/tank, it was all contained in the gun itself, the battery powers the motor, which spins the gears which pulls back the spring and when it releases pushes the piston forward transferring energy into the BB which shoots out the barrel. See? All contained in the gun itself. The new ones are GBBR's and are pretty new. I'd like to try one out but I want to see if theres any problems before I jump on the GBBR boat. It's most likely the next evolution in airsoft since you get a "blow back" action however I'll stick to my AEG for now.

V2: This is by far probably the most common mechbox. M4/16 and MP5's are the main ones that use this. I believe it's the second iteration of the electric gearbox (as it's a V2). Really common and a lot of problems from the V1 got fixed. There are many aftermarket parts available and many companies to choose from (Deep Fire, Guarder, Prometheus, SystemA, Modify, etc.) Honestly I don't see this going any time soon. Lots of gundocs who know it and have/can work on it

V3: Probably the second most common version. AK, and G36 are the big models that use this version. Supposedly more hardy to cold stress however it's still not advised to play with one of these out in the cold. Lots of aftermarket parts and, again lots of gundocs who know it and have/can work on it.

V4: PSG-1, that's all I know pretty much, very uncommon especially to find one in Canada.

V5: I don't think any guns use this, the number may have been skipped.

V6: P90 and Thompson. Not very common however they're REALLY durable and are very unlikely to break on you. Hard to find a P90 or Thompson though although there are a few up in the Classifieds from time to time.

V7: M14. Really hard to work on unless you have lots of manual dexterity or 4 hands. Haven't heard much about it other than that though.

Hope this helps you out. Just remember this. Upgrade the player not the gun. You could have the best gear available but still get whooped by other people. Also don't get a clearsoft from Walmart or Canadian Tire or whatever they're crap. Kind of hypocritical to my last sentence right? Well there is a minimum investment required (not to mention Walmart crap is going to most likely break on you in the first ~1000 rounds or so and even then uses non standard parts so you can't repair). For me I say the minimum investments is about $500 for baseline gear (BDU's, mask, gun, a few mags and some sort of vest or chestrig to hold your stuff) then another $400-500 over the next few months (killrag, radio, more mags, basically "extras").

It's OK to borrow your first few games but at least try to make an effort to get most of the gear required. It's one thing to show up and say "I forgot my mask at home" or "I need to borrow one or two mags" but it's an entirely different ballpark if you come without anything and basically need everyone to share their, mags, extra mask, etc. However don't push it too much don't come to every game and say "I need to borrow your mask again". After a while you should get an idea if you like the sport or not and either pack up and sell your gun (if it's a high quality one (TM, CA, G&P etc.) it will retain a lot of value (eg. you buy for $550 sell it for $525) however if it's a Kraken or something like that the value depreciates A LOT eg. buy for $200 sell for ~$120))

Another option is going to a surplus store and picking up BDU's and ask on your local club forum if someone is willing to rent you a gun/equipment for the day. You don't have to buy/use a crap gun and get to enjoy a high quality working gun (hopefully), AND you can get a taste of what the sport is about (try before you buy).

EDIT: Wow.... that's probably one of the longest posts I've ever made.
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