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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Most types of AEG's use commend mechboxes. For example, M4/M16-based, MP5-based, and G3 based use Version 2. AK-based, G36-based, AUG, and SiGs (or at least the 553) use Version 3 mechbox. P90's and Thompsons use a Version 6. This is generally independent of the manufacture, although some companies like ICS use proprietatry mechboxes.
Ok, that makes sense I think. So the different versions aren't necessarily upgraded but just different shapes? Sorry if I'm coming off a bit thick, I'm trying to figure this stuff out pretty quickly.

Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Some paintball fields will let you. It's really up to the owner though. However paintballers do usually come first cause that's what brings in the money (selling paint, HPA/CO2 refills, and such, whereas with airsofters it's just the field fee that they're making money from).

I've heard some teams help and volunteer to fix and improve the fields in return for the owner letting them play at that venue.

Red deer is kind of in the middle of Edmonton/Calgary isn't it.... There is a team in Red Deer RAAT I think it is.

Other than that JOC, and EAR are some of the big clubs in the province.
K cool, I'll definitely check that out.

And this is by far THE most helpful forum I've ever been on. You guys know your stuff.
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