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Originally Posted by Indianajohns View Post
And you can check my IP if you want to... I'm not really too sure who you think I am?
Sorry man I don't mean to disrespect you in any way it's just there's some coincidences. And, they may be just that, coincidences.

It's not the content of your post, it's just the join date and for some reason this deja vu feeling that I'm getting (one of those truthiness gut feeling things).

You do however at least have proper grammar down so lets just let this be water under the bridge. I don't want to be alienating people from the community when they seem like good people and are willing to actually learn.

EDIT: To be constructive and not just throw random banter, the AEG is a good choice now the hard part is picking the model (M4, AK, G36, etc.). The only real difference between different gun models is the mechbox versions (M4/MP5 V2 and AK V3). Mostly it's shape of the mechbox however there are some improvements between different versions supposedly. I've heard V3's are more hardy and less prone to breaking in cold (you still don't want to play with it in the cold though), however with the V2 there are a plethora of parts available from many different manufacturers (almost the same for V3 specific parts however I seem to have a hard time finding certain ones which leads me to believe they're less available however they are out there). Either one you can't go wrong. What you can go wrong with however is getting something like a P90 (V6), FAMAS (V1), or M14 (V7) since the versions aren't really standard and as such are less widespread and harder to find/work with.
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