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You know what.... I just have a feeling.... The mods should check the IP of this IndianaJohns user.

I wouldn't actually play in less than -5C. There is more wear and such on the mechbox and things are a lot more likely to break.

With GBB's the FPS drops significantly relative to temperature, gas efficiency goes down a lot and it also puts more wear on the gun (just because of the cold). It doesn't help that because of the liquid propane turning into gas when a BB is shot that the temperature in the mag drops even more resulting in even more loss in FPS and more wear.

If you're going to game with a GBB it's advised to keep the mags as warm as possible and that usually means sticking them inside your BDU jacket until you're ready to use them, at least that way it's relatively warmer and not as bad to use.
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