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too much info in my head Im confused!!!

Im interested in purchasing my first GBB.ive been doing alot of research over the yrs.. alot has changed since i started. anyway!!!

Budget $250 Canadian so im going used!

there is a good chance that i will not be out to play game until next yr. (Not sure if im ready to spend the $$$$$)

Reason i would like to get a GBB. i like to take pictures so id like something that looks sexy.. (Practice)

after that she is going into a small display case to be put up on the shelf!

2 that i have seen so far on the forum are

Both are sexy guns in the bone stock forum to me.. Im REALLY a fan of the TM more then the WA. but the TM has no mag. what are they about $60-70?

Now there will be some slight upgrades to the gun. Metal slide.. spring.. valve etc. small things not alot.

from what i understand the Tm has a HUGE line of upgrades as the WA are more on the difficult side to locate.

Am i correct?

in your opinion what is the better choice.???

the Wa does seem to have a feeding issue. good way to learn the workings of the gun if i ever do decide to take this further?
would it be a simple fix? can the parts be had if i need to order something!

Thanks for the time!
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