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Originally Posted by Rpronick View Post
Ive seen the buyairsoft canada AK in person. I know its a metal upper receiver ,which surprised me. I assumed the construction was going to be mostly plastic. All things aside Im leaning towards 007 airsoft just for that piece of mind in customer service and support. Not only did buyairsoft ship my buddie the wrong model. After 2 days of use it went none responsive mid shot, after many tigger pulls it came back to life. Every once in a while it will do that thought... Long story short hes sending it back and thats the end of that problem were hoping it was just a lemon with a poor connection.
Yes buyairsoft just sucks.
AK's always have a metal upper, even my crappy broken Firepower A47 does.
I dont think it was a lemon, I'd blame it on Buyairsoft.
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