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TSD SD700 - Slam Fire

guys do not buy this gun unless you plan to upgrade/replace every part.
this gun was shipped "new" from


1. one nub from the hop-up arm was broken
2. hop-up adjustment bar broken
3. gun was double feeding + jamming
4. bipod pin snaps off
5. slam fires
6. ungodly amounts of grease
7. modification required for silencer adapter
8. non-standard 510mm inner barrel
9. air brake looks like it snapped off or was modified
10. crushed the orange tip during removal = voided warranty
11. Zero trigger piston does not fit Cylinder

parts to be replaced with:

Laylax Teflon Cylinder
Laylax Zero Trigger
Laylax Damper Cylinder Head
Laylax Spring Guide
Laylax 150SP Spring
Nine Ball Bucking
Replacement Hop-Up Chamber
King Arms Silencer Adapter

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