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Originally Posted by Blitzed View Post
Yah True.

I gotta wait one last year to get verified.. =[

well, i wouldnt even be plinking at 100 feet. more like 60 or 70. But i do not want a pellet gun. If i got this VSR-10 clone, wouldnt it be an 'okay' future platform.. ?
Yes... sorta.... but damned near everything would need to be upgraded for real sniping use. I got one of those TSD's and aside from how silent it is and the exponetial badass factor from everytime i work the bolt, it has zero advantages over my aegs (even my cqb ones). If you'r never planning on gameing it i'd say have at it. BUT your first priority should always be a good AEG, the VA customs are good.

And one more thing be responsible, I know there is no way for me to stop you from getting a gun now but waiting never hurts (till your 18). If you find yourself to eager to wait at least be VERY responsible with it.
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