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Alright, im just looking for a suggest, please dont get 'mad' or upset by this in anyways please.

Alright, so I have always been interested and intrigued by the importance of a sniper rifle and just overall how they look, more specifically the R700 series.

So basically i wanted to get a TSD SD700 from buy airsoft. although, not truly for skirmishes. So dont yell at me for that. I just wanted one, just so i can say ' yeah i have a sniper rifle ' . and Pretty much just to target with. Although if i did get one, im going to upgrade it a bit, change the sear out considering of the main flaws of it is the ' trigger box ' in this specific model. i was also going to get a new tight bore for it.

Now, if i got that VSR-10 clone, i was going to get a g&g mp5sd or the TF MP7. if i get the G&G mp5sd, all im gonna do to it is downgrade the spring to around 320 FPS for close range. The mp7 i'd leave stock, except for a new body or paint. (please keep in mind im not going to actually use the Rifle in skirmishes.)

So that was option one, my second option is a VA VK416 (JG 416 with a poly lower). With just maybe a downgraded spring and new crane stock.

So, I'd be happy to hear your opinions! Please.

*Also if you have any other suggestions, I'd to hear, I'd be willing to drop a maximum of $450 on a gun and maybe $200 in upgrades.


**EDIT: I'll have the winter to stockpile on a platform weapon and gear to use in the upcoming skirmish season.

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