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Originally Posted by apparition View Post
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH sorry for that airsoft is one hell of an expensive sport just to get into really playing is like 1000$(gear, gun, battery, mags, etc) thats probably not even including accessories like scopes, upgrades, etc. Trust me ive spent alot of money getting into this sport this year!
I don't know where you get $1,000 from

$2-300 for a basic AEG, just to get things started.
$10-20 for a hicap.
$20-80 for eye protection, hell you can ever rent them for the first few times.
$40-60 for a decent battery (could borrow one by chance)

Hell, you could borrow mostly all the gear your first few games.

Now this is just to get started, sure once you've tried the sport out go ahead and blow what you want. But just to get started? $1,00 no way.
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