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hello i would call you by your username but it seems you dont have one lol

maneuvering the wide open seas of the asc can be a dangerous little journey there are a few things you can do that will make your trip much easier

first off at the top of this very noob tank theres a thread on how to get age verified it will redirect you to a list of people know as age verifiers pick the one closest to your location and contact him or her

by getting age verified you will be given access to the buy and sell section here and im sure you will be able to find anything and everything you need

also while the noob tank is here to help those that need it and is a relatively hostile free zone compared to older days we would prefer you to put some effort in to your own research as it will in turn make it for us to help you

to help you in researching there is two search bars at the top of every page one searches this forum the other one google

now i cant comment on what to buy and how to upgrade as i am not the most knowledgeable in this subject and would probably make a mistake but i hope this has helped you even a little

good luck
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