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Hmmmm good question. The only problem is that you have to feed and clothe your sniper (and that's not always cheap).

Seriously though.... not that I know of for that price. Think more along the lines of $600-700 for something that has decent performance (and $1100+ for a gun that can actually be considered a "sniper rifle").

As far as airsoft goes, think musket or shotgun when you're thinking about the accuracy/spread.

It's a much better idea to get .177 cal Pellet guns if you're just going to be plinking.

EDIT: Yes you need a PAL if you get a Pellet gun that fires over 500 FPS (most pellet guns however fire at 495 FPS and that's actually really good). I used to shoot Daisy rifles and even though they were 495 FPS I could still get sweet groupings (.75 inches was by best grouping) at 10 meters (standard ISSF distance).
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